Checkbird: checking your texts so you don't have to!

Checkbird specialises in languages and texts. We make sure your text isn’t just flawless, it’s also easy on the eyes of the reader. That’s because at Checkbird we don’t focus solely on spelling and grammar, but also on sentence structure and syntax, for both Dutch and English texts. And if you need anything translated to or from English or Dutch, Checkbird is your answer!

Who am I?

My name is Merel, founder of Checkbird, expert on languages and texts. In elementary school I was exempted from doing language exercises because they offered too little of a challenge and the teacher decided I had better ways to spend my time. I was mostly raised bilingually by my parents, and I’ve been speaking English more or less fluently since I was nine years old. In high school, Dutch and English continued to be my best subjects. It happened more than once that I even caught my teachers making mistakes, though that obviously didn’t go over well.

To challenge myself a little more, I eventually went for my Cambridge CAE certificate and passed with a grade A. When I left high school, I left with a nice, round 8 as an average for all my languages (Dutch, English, French, Latin and Greek).

It is my goal to use my skill and knowledge to help people when they’re unsure whether their texts have been spelled correctly, or if it even reads well. I can check blog posts, essays, job applications, but also longer works likes theses or books. Short or long, formal or informal, all texts are welcome here.

If you’ve written a solid Dutch or English text and need it translated, I can help you with that too. With my Cambridge certificate you can rest assured that your translated texts will be both flawless and easy to read, whether you’re translating from English to Dutch, or from Dutch to English.


In a world that’s becoming more and more digital there’s an increasing number of people reaching others through websites, blogs, or pages on social media. To maintain a professional image, it’s of great importance that your texts are written in correct Dutch or English and that they’re easy to read. This makes your visitors stay longer, read more, and feel better about the content you’ve published.

For job applications, official letters and emails and other formals texts it’s even more important that there are no blatant errors in your writing. Sloppy spelling or typing errors undermine your credibility and make it harder for the reader to accept your authority. With a well-written text you can be sure to come across to your readers as a professional.

Another result of the increasing digitalisation of our world is that everything is becoming more international too. That makes it all the more critical that your texts are available not only in Dutch but in English as well. Because there are obviously more English speakers in the world than Dutch speakers, you’ll reach far more people if your website, blog or page is available in English as well. Reason enough to have your Dutch texts translated to an English one that fits the tone, intention and style of the original.

All services can be purchased both once or based on a subscription. Please contact us for pricing or for more information!


Would you like to purchase one of the abovementioned services, or do you have a question about what I can do for you?

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